Hot Damn! What Do You Write When You Don’t Know What To Write…

March 14, 2014



Every time I sit down to write for my column on elephant, I go through the same thing. I find a title (the easy part), a photo (the fun part) and I let it all spill out. Somehow I manage to make sense of it all, even if it looks like mush. It’s Friday night, […]

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Love, Death & Life.

January 5, 2014



I had been meaning to write There’s An Angel On My Shoulder, Murmuring “I’m Here… I’m Here…” for my column on elephant ever since last year after my mother passed away. Subtitle: “Everyone Dies.” Sad, but true. Death is a part of life. And after you lose someone close to you, the meaning of it all becomes clear. It’s […]

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Sometimes You Don’t Feel Like Spilling Your Guts Out. And Sometimes You Do.

December 29, 2013


No. 5, 1948

As if I haven’t been upset enough about putting my dog to sleep last week, I decided to dig a little deeper this time, and offer up something a little more gutsy. Fuck it, right? When you’re in that moment, the one where your emotions are so raw and confused, that’s the time to write. […]

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We Put Our Dog To Sleep Today.

December 21, 2013



I knew what I was going to be doing the rest of the day today the second I walked in the door from work. My husband had that look on his face, the one that you never, ever want to see. I could tell he’d been teary-eyed, and I knew why. Shamus had taken a […]

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There’s More To Life Than Slut Bashing! A Yoga Manifesto.

December 20, 2013


So I got a ton of hateful comments on my elephant piece, Sucker Punched! about the slut bashing thing. It’s so fucking weird to me how people can take one word out of a sentence and distort the meaning and the message of the whole thing. Apparently, “slut bashing” is the new bullying. And I’m wondering: do […]

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Sucker Punched!

December 16, 2013



Today I posted “Sucker Punched! 14 Ways Yoga Changed Me When I Wasn’t Paying Attention.” Read it here on elephant journal. That’s what’s so great about yoga: it can be sweet, but it can also be sneaky. Not sneaky like I’m-gonna-shank-you, more like close-your-eyes-and-trust-me. When I sat down to write a piece for elephant on yoga and […]

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Alternate Titles, Fear & Unbelievably Annoying Comments.

December 12, 2013



Hi all, if you’re getting this blog post, you may have read my column on elephant journal. I love you. This is the place I can say whatever I want without the fun police shitting all over my writing. I almost feels like a teenager who’s parents are out of town. And right now I’m […]

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