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Eight Things That Happened This Week (Most of Which Happen Every Week)

March 12, 2016
  1. Election fever raged on. There were three debates and a “Super Tuesday Two.” Things were alternately disgusting, shocking, immature, boring and terrifying.
  2. I decided to go back to the gym. I haven’t gone yet… but I will.
  3. I tried to think of a subtitle for the book. I’ve been trying for a solid week. I know there’s something amazing I’m not thinking of… I might ply my drinker friends with booze and see what they come up with, just for the hell of it.
  4. I barely slept. Seriously. I don’t know what’s happening.
  5. I wrote my fucking ass off. WAY off. If that makes sense.
  6. I figured out that I can easily save money by not shopping because I found like three shirts I didn’t know I had. I wore one of them on Wednesday.
  7. We watched “Bridge of Spies.” The old guy was very sweet. The very end was unnecessarily stupid.
  8.  I decided to quit two of my yoga classes. Something had to go. BECAUSE I’M WRITING A BOOK, BITCHES. (That’s my favorite one ♥)

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