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The Sweater and the Lipstick

January 20, 2016


Sarah Palin showed up in Iowa yesterday to offer her endorsement for Donald Trump for president.

First of all, whatever.

Second, I have no idea what she said. All I can tell you is she was wearing some kind of curious bolero sweater thingie with silver bugle beads and a classy single snap closure. And now that hideous thing is famous.

One CNN guy said it looked like she had killed a “disco porcupine.” The only thing I could think it was New Year’s Eve on the Poseidon Adventure. It moved with every signature “uh-uh, girlfriend, not in my America!” move she made. It had a life of it’s own. It’s $695. It’s now sold out everywhere.

It reminds me of the lipstick Monica Lewinsky wore in a 1999 interview she did with Barbara Walters. It was some kind of sheer nude-plum color. People went crazy. It ended up being a Club Monaco lipstick that immediately sold out.

Look who we’re emulating. This is all really weird to me. At least the lipstick sounds pretty though. But the sweater can suck it.

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