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The Holidays Are Over. Take Your Lights Down!

January 3, 2016

Among other pet peeves specific to the holidays, one thing that’s gets to me is seeing decorations and stuff up past New Year’s. Christmas trees. Multi-colored lights. Reindeers. It’s over. Take half a day and pack that shit up!

It goes hand in hand with Christmas music past December 25th. Kinda pointless.

We had no tree this year. But next year I want to get one that I can replant in the backyard. It’s like “re-homing” the tree, to use dog rescue speak. Knowing nothing about how to do this or the meaning of words like “root mass,” “girdling” or “sapling,” it can’t be that difficult…

I like this link, mostly for the super helpful drawings. I like how it says “it is important to plant your tree as soon as possible after the holidays. Do not wait until spring.” Like, duh.

How to Plant a Living Christmas Tree


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