A Post Every Day Until I'm Fifty Life


January 24, 2016

When you’re like, “I think I’ll post something once a day on my blog for a whole year,” sometimes you get behind. Today is Tuesday. It’s Tuesday morning, and I have no idea what I did most of Sunday.

I know I taught my 12:30 yoga class. I know I went across the street to the coffee house first and got a slice of cinnamon polenta coffee cake for the second day in a row.

I think I worked on my friend Katie’s web site.

I’m pretty sure  read a little of the book I just got, Augusten’s Burroughs’ “Dry.”

I must have done the Sunday Crossword, because I always do the Sunday crossword. But the newspaper is still wrapped, so if anything I did last Sunday’s crossword. There was a time I had four months worth of Sunday crosswords piled up. I finally got to them. I have yet to finish one all the way.

And I came up with something new to write for elephant journal. Or maybe that was Monday.

I should just write. But I just woke up.


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