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I’m Getting Listalicious and Hoaxtastic

January 14, 2016

It’s Thursday night. I was supposed to go to a party, but I feel like crap. So I’m using my time in bed to figure out something to write for the web site Listverse. It’s all top 10 lists. It’s awesome. They have lists like, “10 Terrifying Ways To Become Trapped In Your Own Body” and “10 Bizarre, Unexplained Mysteries From California.” And more wackadoodle stuff.

I started out writing this: “10 Fatal Cases Involving Gummy Bears.” I have no idea how it occurred to me. I guess I was just desperately trying to get creative.

Somehow it turned into “10 Japanese Things You’ve Been Wrong About All This Time,” including a mention of the fact the Hello Kitty is, in fat, not a cat. She’s a little girl. Or, more specifically, the cat version of a girl. I’m still trying to fit Godzilla into this list somewhere.

That turned into “10 Hoaxes Involving Cats,” which gives mention to the rumored cat/dog hybrid, among others. Oh, and the “werewolf” cat, which I’ve since found out is a real thing, known as a Lykoi cat. Google it. You won’t be sorry.

Finally, I decided to write about “10 Cases of Horrifying Things Found in Glass Jars.” And I completely grossed myself out.

Then I changed my mind again. I might have to go with the Japanese thing. Sushi, hari-kari, I’m sure there’s tons of misunderstood stuff.

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