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Anniversary #3

January 2, 2016

PicMonkey Collage

It’s called “let’s stand in front of the same large door just like our favorite wedding photo and take another one ‘cuz it’s three years later!”

Shameless, I know. We made the waiter take the photo. We got married in a restaurant on Cahuenga in Hollywood, the outside of which doesn’t look like much considering the crazy screaming people and the dive bars on the same block. There’s also a Popeye’s and an adult bookstore. My family was probably horrified when they pulled up.

Until they saw the inside:


I have no idea who these people are but that’s what it looked like the night we got married. Except we knew everyone.

We ordered a sample plate of super good grub with kobe beef sliders, mac n’ cheese, sweet potato fries and more. They told us it would be enough for two, but we ordered two entreés. And dessert, which they comped. Best anniversary ever ♥

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