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“…the tenderness of things, the simple goodness of the world.”

November 20, 2015

I was looking for a quote to use for something I was writing. I found this. I’ve never heard of John Banville, but he is a fucking stud. I really do think the beauty of words strung together just the right way can save the world. It’s stuff like this that made me want to be a writer in the first place.

“It was not just the drink, though, that was making me happy, but the tenderness of things, the simple goodness of the world. This sunset, for instance, how lavishly it was laid on, the clouds, the light on the sea, that heartbreaking, blue-green distance, laid on, all of it, as if to console some lost suffering waybarer. I have never really got used to being on this earth. Sometimes I think our presence here is due to a cosmic blunder, that we were meant for another planet altogether, with other arrangements, and other laws, and other, grimmer skies. I try to imagine it, our true place, off on the far side of the galaxy, whirling and whirling. And the ones who were meant for here, are they out there, baffled and homesick, like us? No, they would have become extinct long ago. How could they survive, these gentle earthlings, in a world that was meant to contain us?” ~John Banville, The Book of Evidence

I once registered a quote of my own on goodreads.com.

“Love is a lady. Lust is a tramp.”
Anne Clendening

It has 0 likes. Dammit!

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