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November 26, 2015

I never left the house today, except to walk the dog.

I hung Christmas lights in the living room.

I watched a Twilight Zone I had never seen called “People Are Alike All Over.” Two astronauts land on Mars, where one dies and the other gets taken in by some very hospitable people who are wearing furturistic, Greek-ish outfits. They put him up in a home that ends up being a display case for the curious specimen of a human being in his own habitat, so they can stare at him like a monkey. I taped the episode “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet,” but I haven’t watched it yet (as if I haven’t seen it 20 times).

I watched other stuff for about seven hours. I never relax. It was easier today than I thought it would be, but I should probably turn off the TV and read a book.

I played guitar for at least two hours. I tried to learn Madonna’s “Beautiful Stranger.” Never came close.

We made turkey burgers stuffed with green beans and heated up a yam cassarole with brown sugar.

I don’t think I talked to one person on the phone.

I just made brownies and they turned out totally burnt.

Gotta say, best day ever. Zero pressure. I might do the whole thing again tomorrow.

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