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Never Go to the Market the Night Before a Holiday

November 25, 2015

…Or at least take a list. And don’t make the list in the car right before you get in there and get all distracted by the Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider display, not to mention the gazillion other shoppers. You’ll forget everything. Pie. Kitchen sponges. Milk. Cereal. Nail polish remover. Shampoo. Bread crumbs. Frozen stuff for the rest of the week. Ice cream. Angel hair pasta. Corn. Juice. Bananas.

It doesn’t matter. All I care about is the Twilight Zone marathon and eating turkey burgers. I did remember butterscotch chips to make blondies, even though they’re a summer thing. And I bought one thing strictly because of the packaging, which is not unusual. There’s nothing better than creativity when it comes to presentation, like when a trio of socks comes wrapped in string. This was a mini-carton of water. Water in a box. I had to; it was the cutest thing I had ever seen. And it’s pretty damn good.


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