Disco Quiz

June 8, 2015


I suck at this game.

M: “God bless Mother Nature, she’s a single woman too.”

A: Gloria Gaynor.

M: That’s what I would have said… No, it’s The Weather Girls. OK, “we can try to understand the New York Time’s effect on man.” 

A: No clue.

M: That’s an easy one. Bee Gees. Saturday Night Fever.

A: You and your disco knowledge!

M:“We’re bumpin’ booties, havin’ us a ball, y’all.”

A: Sister Sledge.

M: No, Peaches and Herb.

A: I’ve been wrong on every single one.

M: “Feel the rhythm, check the ride, come a long and have a real good time.”

A: I have the other one stuck in my head.

M: Village People…? No, it’s Chic. Freak Out.

A: Awww, freak out!

M: Shoulda known that one. OK, “At first, it wasn’t easy, changing rock n’ roll minds…”

A: No clue.

M: Play That Funky Music,White Boy.

A: Whatever.

M: This is an easy one. “Let me tell you, it’s always cool, and the boss don’t mind sometimes if you act the fool.”

A: What’s that?!

M: C’mon, baby, you know it!

A: Sing it.

M: (He does.) The boss don’t mind sometimes if you act the fool, at the… AT THE…

A: The disco? I don’t know!

M: At the car wash!

A: Rose Royce!

M: “Your violins keep moving to the nitty gritty…”

A: No idea.

M: I’m gonna go with Irene Cara. But no, it’s Vicki Sue Robinson. Turn the Beat Around. OK, “If you’re thinking you’re too cool to boogie…”

A: “…Boy, oh boy, have I got news for you…” 

M: A Taste of Honey.

A: I suck.

Rematch coming soon.


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