Road Trip. Palm Springs. Blow Pop.

January 6, 2015

So when you’re in Palm Springs and your blog is back up, you think about the time 2 1/2 years ago when you were in Palm Springs and what you wrote. It’s called “Pink Licorice.” From July, 2012:

Work. Write like a demon. Teach yoga. Edit. Chow down. Work more, a lot more. Revise. Do yoga in the park with Ronna. Look at edits, hmmm not sure it’s great. Eat nothing before I teach 2 classes and then go bartend all night. Write more, it’s getting there. Go to work early with the boyfriend, we work together. Miss yoga ‘cuz it was just too early and I was writing/editing/hungry. Boyfriend made breakfast. Drive to Palm Springs. Write. Do yoga. Eat pink licorice next to the pool.

It’s the minimalists’ bio. Or is there another word for it?

What’s changed? I’m still teaching yoga. I’m still writing, but I’ve been a little lazy about it. I’m kinda hungry. I married my boyfriend, two years ago on New Year’s Day. And bartending? No mas. I quit. And I bought a bomb pop at the candy store to have while I’m in our private jacuzzi. It’s stickier than I thought it would be. ?

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