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    Gun Photos

    January 12, 2016


    If you know me, you’re well aware I don’t dig guns. So I wrote about it. Not in a “guns are evil gadgets of wickedness” way, but more like in a “I’m not anti-gun, I just don’t want to shoot one or hold one” kind of way. In, fact, that’s the name of the article.

    I had to scourge the depths of the internet to find a photo I could use that conveyed something to the tune of, “guns are not sexy or cool.” But everything I found made guns look sexy and cool.

    As much as I wanted to be Jill Monroe when I grew up, I don’t think guns are sexy or cool. But the “finger gun” kind of is. And yes, I will use any excuse to bring up Farrah Fawcett, because she was a goddess. FYI, I tried, but I couldn’t find a photo of her doing the finger gun. Continue Reading