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Stupid Stuff #7

April 9, 2016


A man is taped to the ceiling.

He looks like he has a very large chest.

He doesn’t look concerned. In fact, he looks pretty content.

No one seems to notice/give a shit.

I’m pretty sure there’s a keg of beer underneath him that the people are gathered around.

It’s unclear if these are the people who taped him up there.

There’s a structure that looks like a bunkbed right in front of a sliding glass door, but judging from the dimensions and what I’m picturing is the size of the room, I’m not sure there’s a path to the door.

I wonder if this was a dare, and how long this idiot was up there.

They are all idiots.

There weirdest part? There is a drawing of what looks like a falling person taped to the wall on the left.

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