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I Cannot Believe I Just Read This

February 3, 2016

I was just looking around for yoga stories to read in class. Then this happened.

The Test

Once a mureed* was sleeping by the side of his Master, a Qutub. After a short time, the mureed awakened, and finding the Master sleeping soundly, he sat in reverence by his side. All of a sudden, the Master had a nocturnal emission and woke up. To cleanse himself, he went to the river to bathe, quietly returned to his bed, and went to sleep again.

To the utter amazement of the mureed, the Master’s penis kept emitting continual discharges throughout the night – 75 – and each time he woke up, went for a bath, and again lay down and fell asleep. Seeing this, doubts assailed the disciple. How could a Qutub suffer from wet dreams? And so many times?

The next morning, the Master did not say anything, and quietly went to his circle members. There, in the presence of all, including the doubting disciple, he declared that he had had as many as 75 nocturnal emissions that night.

Hearing this, they were all silent in thought. But a clever fellow among them said, ‘Master, because you are connected with everything in the universe, you had these discharges. Likewise you answer the call of nature because you eat and drink, similar to an ordinary man. Thus you also had those emissions since you have connections with your physical body’s system. It is natural because you have a body in contact – in touch – with everything.’

But the Master said, ‘It is not so. These nocturnal emissions did not happen due to any physical reason, nor because my body has connection with everything. It happened for the benefit of you, my close disciples. What doubts did this unimportant event raise in your minds? You even doubted my Mastership. Had you full faith in me, you would not think such thoughts. True faith should be rock-like, unwavering. I wanted to test your faith, for I find you lacking in faith despite so many years of my contact.”

From www.meherbabadnyana.net

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