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Dogs vs. Led Zeppelin

January 31, 2016


Me: Everybody’s dying.

We were walking Sabina, and talking about Jefferson Airplane. They were always way too psychedelic for Mauro. But I love that shit.

Me: Let’s watch the documentary about The Eagles when we get back.

Mauro: Great band.

Me: Would you rather see The Eagles 30 years ago or David Bowie 30 years ago?

Mauro: David Bowie for sure.

Me: Would you rather see David Bowie 30 years ago or Led Zeppelin 30 years ago?

Mauro: Led Zeppelin.

Me: Would you rather see Led Zeppelin 30 years ago or have one day back with Shamus?

I knew what he’d say. It’s been over two years since we had to put Shamus McDog to sleep. I wear his silver bone-shaped tag around my neck. People always ask me if it’s in case I get lost. And Mauro wears his city registration tag. Because of our dogs, I used to refer to the four of us as a “square,” which is something I made up once when I was in the emergency room under the hazy influence of dilaudid. And it stuck. I like to do the “finger square” move when I say it.

Mauro: I’d have one day back with Shamus.

Me: Would you rather play drums for a three hour concert with Led Zeppelin or have one day back with Shamus?

I thought I knew what he’d say…

Mauro: I’d rather have one day back with Shamus.

But I was wrong. Sometimes I forget how amazing my husband is.

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